Aerial Trams - Cable Cars

Can also be called sky trams, skyways, tramways, lifts or ropeways. These are just a few found around the world. Do you have a favorite?

Sandia Peak Tramway
Albuquerque, NM, USA
4 Visitors
Sugarloaf Mountain
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1 Visitors
Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa
0 Visitors
Klein Matterhorn Tramway
0 Visitors
Genting Skyway
Pahang, Malaysia
0 Visitors
Skyline Queenstown
Queenstown, New Zealand
0 Visitors
Mount Aso Ropeway
Kumamoto, Japan
0 Visitors
Emirates Air Line
London, England, UK
0 Visitors
Jackson Hole Aerial Tram
Jackson Hole, WY, USA
0 Visitors
Roosevelt Island Tramway
New York, NY, USA
0 Visitors
Grouse Mountain Skyride
Vancouver, BC, Canada
0 Visitors