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Welcome to Lifeblink!

What is Lifeblink?

Lifeblink makes it easy to track all the places you have visited and the things you have done. Create a profile and start documenting the most important moments in your life.

Who can use Lifeblink?

Everyone! Although Lifeblink is focused on places and events, many people like to use Lifeblink to save their achievements and accomplishments. AND since you can create and manage multiple lives, it makes it easy to document other family members like your children or ancestors.

What is a “Blink”?

A “Blink” is an important moment in your life. Sometimes it's a place you have traveled to, a personal accomplishment, a work achievement and sometimes it's just something you are proud of.

How many Blinks can I post?

You can post an unlimited amount of Blinks.

What is a Blink Album?

Sometimes a single image doesn’t capture the moment. Creating a Blink Album will allow you to add additional photos to a Blink.

Does it cost money to use Lifeblink?

Lifeblink is free to use for all individuals. We believe that your accomplishments should be preserved someplace for you to easily find and to be preserved for future generations. Companies pay a yearly service fee to preserve their corporate history.

Can I start a Lifeblink page for someone and then transfer it to them?

Yes. Transferring a Lifeblink page is very easy. Just go to the “Manage Lifeblink Page” and click “Transfer” on the account that you would like to transfer. Enter in the person’s email address and they will become the new owner of that Lifeblink.

What are Places? Can I add a place to them?

Places are physical locations that you can visit. Sometimes they are as massive as a continent other times they are as simple as a vantage point. Lifeblink controls all place locations. If you have a business that people track when they visit, such as a golf course or a brewery, please contact us and we will evaluate your location to determine if it fits within our guidelines.

What are Events?

Events are moments that happen on a specific date, such as New Year's Eve, a wedding or the Boston Marathon.

Can I edit a Blink?

Yes. Click on the pencil icon to edit or delete.

Can I delete my Lifeblink Page?

You can... but we recommend that you don’t delete your Lifeblink account because ultimately it serves as your life's record.

What if I have a question not answered on this page?

We can’t address every question but feel free to email us at